The goal of this film is to inspire conversation.  There’s a lot of different ways this film could be interpreted, but we’d like to start with asking you one question: A young man dies in this film.  Why? 

Why does a young man die?

Ways to approach this conversation and more:

Socratic Seminar

  • Socratic seminars can be student run (if in a classroom/school setting) or facilitator led (teacher, actor, outreach coordinator, director, etc.). This approach allows a deeper connection to the material (On Sight) and the ideas, themes, issues, etc. presented.
  • Discussion of ideas NOT asserting opinions or prove a point/argument.
  • Focuses on listening, making meaning, and finding common ground.
  • NOT a debate, NOT a persuasive speech.
  • General Steps to a Socratic Seminar
    • View On Sight
    • Prepare ideas
      • Open small group discussions on what stands out in the film – character, story, theme, images, ideas, etc.
    • Set ground rules
      • Each speaker speaks to the entire group not responding to a specific individual
      • Each speaker provides text evidence from the film (moments, scenarios, dialogue)
      • Each speaker is encouraged to ask questions
      • Only one speaker speaks at a time (have facilitator call on individuals, pass an object, pass a microphone)
        • Speakers should share the floor with others
      • Each speakers uses “I”; each speaker should speak from their own perspective, not the for the whole
    • Do it! Talk, share, LISTEN, think, reflect.
    • Evaluate (with facilitators or with the group)

Refer to the Questions tab for more opportunity for thoughtful discussion.